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The FDA approved GentleLASE ® from Candela for Laser hair removal used in The Tao of Wellness is considered the Gold Standard in laser hair removal and feature the patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCDT) that sprays a fine mist of cryogen prior to each laser pulse. This device minimizes pain, protects the skin, and enables the laser energy to gently reach and treat hair follicles.

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Unwanted body hair is safely removed without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin. Facial and bikini areas are usually completed in less than ten minutes; legs, backs and larger areas can take longer.

The root of the hair is targeted so specifically that it not only eliminates very dark and coarse hair, but it is the most effective technology for the removal of fine hair and even hair with a light brown root.

The GentleLASE® is significantly faster than older laser hair removal technology. This lasers uses an 18mm spot size (about the size of a quarter), while older laser technology uses a much smaller spot size. The larger spot size, coupled with more hertz, means that large areas can be treated much quicker.